GA bill helping more students get a jump-start on college

GA bill helping more students get a jump-start on college

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Friday, September 23, 2016

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) — It’s now easier for Georgia high school students to take classes on college campuses with the ‘Move On When Ready’ Act.

It’s already increasing dual enrollment at colleges in our area.

The program gives high school students free college credit at all of our local Georgia colleges and universities.

Casey Chastain is enrolled in his first college class.
Although he’s only a senior at Greenbrier High, he chose to be part-time at Georgia Military College

“I don’t have to take a senior project, or the Capstone,” said Chastain. “And it also gives me a head-start into college and let’s me feel how it’s going to be.”

Some of his friends are diving right in– taking a full college course load although still technically in high school.

“They say they like it because they don’t have to go back and forth a lot, and their school time is shorter because they only take, I believe, three or four classes compared to the full six or seven at a high school.”

Because of the ‘Move on When Ready Act’, high school students accepted to a college or university are able to take classes on campus for free– as long as they meet their high school graduation requirements.

This let’s them “move on” sooner to the next level.

“You can be a full-time college student,” said Missie Usry, Enrollment Manager at Georgia Military College. “You can take 12 hours, and unless you want to return to your high school, you don’t have to.”

The Act went into effect in July 2015– and colleges have seen an increase in dual enrollment ever since.
G.M.C. Jumping from a little over 80 high school student to more than 120.

“They graduate sooner and are farther ahead than their peers in terms of college credit, and they haven’t had to pay for any of it,” Usry said. “The conversation has to start with the parents, and then the guidance counselors.”

If your student isn’t a big test-taker, Usry said students can enroll at Georgia Military College without taking the ACT or SAT.

Students still have time to apply for the spring semester at G.M.C., Augusta Tech and Augusta University.

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