Augusta Animal Services top veterinarian position still open with no qualified applicants

Augusta Animal Services top veterinarian position still open with no qualified applicants

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Friday, Aug. 5, 2016
AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) –From Dogs to Cats and more, Augusta Animal Services sees up to 10,000 pets come through their doors every year.

“There is a ton of pets that need veterinary care, so as many as we get out that many more are brought in,” Dr. Scarlett Timmons with All God’s Creatures Veterinary Hospital said.

Veterinarian Scarlett Timmons worked at animal services for about a year as a part-time vet while city officials looked for a full time vet. It took them a year and a half, but they are without a vet again after Dr. Tara Poppy resigned in April.

“The more that a veterinarian is at the facility , the more pets you will be able to move in and out,” Timmons said.

The city originally had the job posted for a salary of about $64,000 dollars a year, way below what a private practice veterinarian can make.

Now, the city is promoting the job with a salary over $94,000 dollars. It comes with a lot of responsibilities.

“Your’e taking care of disease, you’re taking care of the individual sick patients, and you’re also trying to spay and neuter so you can move those pets out,” Timmons said.

Two veterinarians are helping out at the shelter 3 days a week, but Timmons says that stall some adoptions, spaying and neuterings, and the movement of hundreds of animals a week through the process. She says a full time vet has its benefits.

“You can see how they are progressing, you can catch diseases early, so it just helps to have somebody on board so they are able to get large numbers of spay and neuters done and to monitor the patients welfare,” Timmons said.

With a new comprehensive animal ordinance taking effect in January, Timmons says the next vet could have a lot of power.

It could be a long process, but so far Augusta Animal Services Director Sharon Broady says they are not having any issues with not having any issues with not having a full-time vet.

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