AU cracking down on people crossing tracks at R.A. Dent Blvd

AU cracking down on people crossing tracks at R.A. Dent Blvd

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Wednesday, Sep. 7, 2016

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) — You may start noticing more officers on R.A. Dent Boulevard.

Augusta University is sending them to the area because they say too many students and staff members have been crossing the road illegally.

Not only is that jaywalking, but if you cross the train tracks nearby that can get you a pretty hefty fine.

Michael Buckley has worked as a crossing guard since he moved to Augusta five years ago.
He works the intersection of R.A. Dent and Laney Walker during the busiest hours and he’s seen people do just about everything while driving.

“I’ve actually seen a person shave,” Buckeley said. “Trying to go down the street, he’s using his razor.”

He has only one way to describe people trying to walk across R.A. Dent.

“Very dangerous,” Buckeley said. “Very, very dangerous, bad angle. Got a lot of traffic coming at you from several different directions. It’s a lot more dangerous if you’re not using the crosswalk.”

Students and staff park on one side of the road, but they’re trying to get to class on the other side.
So instead of using the crosswalk that can be a walk away, they’ll illegally cross train tracks and jaywalk across the road to get to their destination.

“They kind of leap frog across the street,” said Public Safety Director and Police Chief of Augusta University, James Lyon.

It’s one of the first things he’s working on for the new school year.

“We found students, staff and faculty were not only crossing R.A. Dent,” Chief Lyon said, “But they were crossing the railroad tracks. Both of which are illegal.”

And crossing those tracks can get you a fine of up to $1,000.
Which is why they’re partnering with CSX.

“Our officers will be out there, CSX officers will be out there, and so we’ll try and collectively get the word out that that’s a dangerous situation,” Chief Lyon said.

And that’s something Buckeley says he’s happy to help get accomplished

“I try to explain that to them, try to get them to understand that it’s not worth it. It’s just not worth it,” Buckeley said.

Even though more officers will be out there, they say the goal isn’t to write citations but instead let people know that crossing the tracks is illegal.

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