Aiken SFR Group wants to bring nuclear waste and solutions

Aiken SFR Group wants to bring nuclear waste and solutions

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Thursday, Sept. 29, 2016 News 12 NBC 26 at 6 O’Clock

BARNWELL, S.C. (WRDW/WAGT) — A question many in South Carolina are trying to answer.

“What are we going to do with spent fuel?” said Mike Stake.

A letter sent to the Nuclear Regulatory Committee says bring it to Barnwell, basically says putting all the waste in the state in one spot is the best bet for everyone.

“It really has no benefits for the people from Aiken and Augusta,” Tom Clements said, Director of SRS Watch.

Clements says moving the waste here only exposes more workers to radiation and opens up the risk of transportation problems. Further more, he says moving it around solves nothing.

“Moving the waste here from the reactor site does absolutely nothing to get the spent fuel, which is high level waste , out of South Carolina,” he said.

The man behind this letter is Mike Stake, co-founder and president of SFR Group, his goal is not to store waste but to create a solution. He says by 2050 we are going to need twice as much energy and by the turn of century we’re going to need four times as much energy

“I don’t want a dump in South Carolina, that’s my whole focus,” Stake said, ” I don’t want a dump in South Carolina and I’m going to try and find a solution so we can clean South Carolina up.”

His solution is to take the spent fuel and recycle it into new fuel and help solve future energy problems.

“To continue to kick the can down the road for our future generation to come up with emerging technologies, I think is irresponsible,” Stake said.

As far as all the nay-sayers for this project, he says, they’re working to address all of their issues.

“We’ve looked at transportation, we’ve looked at the health concerns, we’ve looked at the public interest, we’re concerned also,” Stake said.

The process of getting this project approved could take years and the technology is still being developed, but Stake says it’s better than any current solution.

“Right now we have no answer, we have no alternative to spent fuel. The only alternative is how high can we stack it,” he said.

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